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Over the past three decades Flex (previously known as Flextronics) has developed a manufacturing and services strategy that allows Flex customers play to their strengths. Flex Ireland, with over 500 employees in six locations across Ireland, works with leading indigenous and global brands in bringing an increasing range of products to market.

Flex’s 3,500 designers work with companies, both in Ireland and globally, developing and qualifying products. Our flexible manufacturing processes are customizable to fit ever-changing market needs. Supported by a global sourcing team Flex is well positioned to assist customers develop products from sketch to scale.

Flex offers customers a worldwide market reach, with over 100 locations in 30 countries. Flex provides operational expertise with over 200,000 persons globally, to fit your business needs, no matter whether your customer is an industry partner, a retailer or an end-consumer. Today every business is challenged to create and leverage supply chain knowledge. This requires building trust and communicating to the best of our ability. Knowledge management is key to achieving business success.

About Flex


Leveraging advances in wireless technology, connected devices and connectivity to create solutions to enrich our lives.


Flexible Technologies and Miniaturization Helping to shrink smart and flexible technologies to meet dynamic market needs.


Creating intelligent IT ecosystems utilizing software that captures, reads, relays and turns raw data into meaningful insights.


Adapting to meet tomorrow’s smaller spaces, innovative designs and cross-components to develop energy solutions of the future.


Building an ecosystem of computing and security technologies into products to protect against threats.


Enabling smart devices to be increasingly more effective at measuring and interacting with the world around them.

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