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Flex and Open 19

Flex is the chief design partner contracted to design, build, and enable the Open19 ecosystem to deliver a disruptive solution to the industry.

Benefits associated with the Open19 solution:
- Open standard that can fit any 19” Rack
- Open environment for server, storage, and networking solutions
- Rack deployment cost optimization
- Fast and simple rack integration
- Large eco-system of suppliers and Data Center operators
- Modular solutions that apply to small, medium and large scale Data Centers
- Low latency with a highly scalable network switch design

Benefits associated with Flex Cloud deployments:
- Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
- Fastest Time-to-Market Approach
- Largest Global Footprint & Partner Ecosystem
- Comprehensive Supply Chain & Support Models
- Optimized Performance at the Data Center Level
- Fully Integrated HW & SW Solutions by Application


Leveraging advances in wireless technology, connected devices and connectivity to create solutions to enrich our lives.


Flexible Technologies and Miniaturization Helping to shrink smart and flexible technologies to meet dynamic market needs.


Creating intelligent IT ecosystems utilizing software that captures, reads, relays and turns raw data into meaningful insights.


Adapting to meet tomorrow’s smaller spaces, innovative designs and cross-components to develop energy solutions of the future.


Building an ecosystem of computing and security technologies into products to protect against threats.


Enabling smart devices to be increasingly more effective at measuring and interacting with the world around them.